Project Hello Stranger

Project Hello Stranger is a voluntary movement for 2012 by a group of crazy happy strangers to spread the spirit of love and giving among all people in Singapore.

People fiddling with their smart phones and tuning in to their music, staring listlessly into space in an attempt to avoid meeting the eyes of the one standing right opposite him. Someone accidentally brushes past and hits his elbow.


Sounds familiar? The MRT on a busy morning.

Ever watched 跑吧,孩子!or those nostalgic Channel 8 kampong shows, where it seemed like everyone was friends with everyone, and kids literally LOVED the tok tok mian and ice cream uncle? Yes, sooooo old school, we all wish we were in that era, doing the things they did, running around wild in our kampongs. But what ever happened? The same people residing in this country, but what is it about city life that differs from that kampong that our parents experienced 40 years back?

It’s the pace of life, the development of the country and how it has led us to put other priorities ahead of us. No longer people but things. We treasure that new gadget more than our relationships. We claw for that next 5 figure salary at the expense of our family. And on an everyday basis, we overlook the people around us and their needs in our drive to focus on getting work done.

So, what, really, is Project Hello Stranger about?

Project Hello Stranger is a voluntary movement by a group of Singaporean youths who want to see a happier Singapore. As like in many cities, we are often forced or socialized into building a wall around us due to the competition that we are used to in school and at work, and that permeates into other areas of our lives. However, we know that within those walls lie big hearts and we aim to break them down by infecting Singaporeans with the spirit of giving and love.

This movement involve lots of guerilla strategies and engagement of Singaporeans mainly through social media as we carry out different activities to get Singaporeans to show their soft and friendly side. We believe that a simple act of kindness can spread a whole lot of joy and warmth to the people around us and that’s exactly what Project Hello Stranger is about.

So join us now in putting our hearts into use. Let’s spread some love!