Helping hands

These three women think what they do is nothing extraordinary.

At their age, between 55 and 60, many would think of taking it easy but Mrs Sarasa Sheshadri (inset), Ms Nirmala Nair (above, left) and Ms Padma Krishnan (above, right) are volunteering their time and energy in various ways to help the community whether it is young children at risk or senior citizens who need help.

Mrs Sheshadri spends three days a week volunteering as a helpline volunteer, chatting over the telephone with children who confide in her their fears, worries, doubts and even their joy.

While Ms Nair’s day job as a nurse is about helping people, she goes above and beyond her profession to offer her services to teach foreign domestic workers first aid and even took her skills to India to work with street children and children with HIV.

As for Ms Krishnan, she uses the stage as her platform to reach out to senior citizens in Singapore to encourage them to be more active and get involved.

She volunteers with three senior citizens drama groups, spending her week either performing or in rehearsals.

It is the love they put into what they do that makes them one of a kind.

This article was first published in Asiaone