Woman shaves head to raise funds for Spay Day

Ms Cheryl Cheah had her head of long, straight hair shaved by a pet groomer on Sunday to raise funds for the Cat Welfare Society’s (CWS) two Spay Days this year, on which community cats are sterilised, with CWS bearing full costs.

The CWS, which started the annual Spay Day in 2006, is having two of such days for the first time this year – one on May 25 and another in October.

As horrifying as shaving may sound for some, the 27-year-old was a picture of calm throughout – having decided to do so way back in February, inspired by a friend volunteering at SPCA in Kota Kinabalu having shaved his head to raise funds for a cat shelter.

‘I personally feel this shave is nothing compared to volunteers who are on site 24/7. They are the unsung heroes,’ Ms Cheah, who owns two cats herself, said.

This article was first published in The Straits Times