HEART2HEART charity event to raise S$200,000

The Singapore Heart Foundation wants to raise S$200,000 for children with heart problems, through a charity event “HEART2HEART” which kicked off today.

The money will go to various beneficiaries including patients who share the same fate as Adlea Ry’Kyla Muhammad Ghazali (Little Nur) – a four-year-old girl who died on June 9 from dilated cardiomyopathy, a condition in which the heart becomes weakened and enlarged, and it cannot pump blood efficiently.

Little Nur’s parents, who were present at the event, said they too will contribute to the fund.

Muhammad Ghazali, Little Nur’s father, said: “Because of what we’ve been through and we know how hard it is for someone who needs the treatment for heart problems.”

The Singapore Heart Foundation said the funds will help families shoulder huge medical expenses.

Showing his support was Nee Soon GRC MP K Shanmugam.

Mr K Shanmugam, who’s also Law and Foreign Affairs Minister, kicked off a celebrity charity soccer match.

Other highlights included volunteers offering car washing services to raise funds.

This article was first published in TODAY

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