Get ready for the Green Singapore Sale

The annual Great Singapore Sale has kicked off, and shoppers are already heading to the shops, looking for bargains.

However, those who are keen to help the environment might want to wait just a little longer.

One social entrepreneur has rounded up a group of green retailers – offering consumers a chance to shop and do their bit for the environment at the same time.

The Green Singapore Sale is an event launched by online green product review site Greenstore, and will take place from June 22 to July 22.

It aims to encourage consumers to think ethical when they are looking to go shopping.

It will have special offers and discounts on ethical and green products.

So far, response has been positive.

Eugene Tay, founder of Greenstore, said: “So far, we have about 43 retailers and they offer products such as organic clothing, vegetarian food, (and) even waterless carwash… We are starting to see more people get interested. We have an email sign up form on our website, (and) so far we have 250 email subscribers who want to stay updated on the sales.”

Vegan Burg is one of the many companies participating in this year’s Green Singapore Sale.

The food joint claims to be the world’s first vegan fast food chain. The food retailer said it has received a positive response from not only vegans and vegetarians, but meat lovers as well. As a result, it is planning to open up more outlets around Singapore.

Katrina Lugartos, marcom warrior at Vegan Burg, said: “We opened in October 2010. The concept of Vegan Burg is helping the environment and looking better at the same time.”

Vegan Burg said while it is focusing on expansion in Singapore, it looks forward to venturing overseas in the future.

This article was first published in CNA