There’s Always Time to Make Someone’s Day

Like the animated clock that appears at the end of the latest SKM TVC? See the time device up close here!

“There’s always time to make someone’s day” – that’s the message the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) wants to spread this year.

It’s working on the findings of the 2012 Graciousness Index, which highlighted a lack of time as an excuse cited most often for not being more kind or gracious.

The SKM will focus on areas such as public transport and eating places, where graciousness ratings are generally lower.

With public transport, it’s encouraging the public to make the most of their daily commuting time to make someone’s day.

“Singaporeans are very hardworking and competitive. However, it is this same competitiveness that people claim is the reason why kindness and graciousness are lacking in our society. Everyone is always in a rush and too absorbed in their own affairs or mobile gadgets to notice others around them,” said Dr William Wan, General Secretary of SKM.

“If only people become more aware of their immediate surroundings, they will see that there is always something they can do to be kind and gracious to others. Just a simple looking up to see if someone else needs your seat, or holding the door open for others, or even just saying, ‘thank you’, can already improve graciousness and overall pleasantness in our society.”

Two television commercials are now airing on local and cable channels – showing it only takes a little time to move in to make space on a crowded bus or notice that someone else needs your seat at the hawker centre.

Article adapted from CNA