Malaysian tycoon’s $200k gift to ComChest Singapore

Genting Group Chairman Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay always believed that money made should be given back to the community if one can afford to. And that is a philosophy that he practices in life and in work.

With his leadership, Genting Group contributes regularly to charities and foundations in their local communities. For his 60th birthday last year, Tan Sri Lim donated $600,000 to benefit five charities in Singapore.

Four charities received $100,000 each and the fifth, the funding-raising division of the National Council of Social Services – the Community Chest, received $200,000.

This donation is the highest amount that the Community Chest received from an individual for their financial year in 2011.

During the award ceremony on Wednesday to honour contributors to the charity, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr Chan Chun Sing presented the individual Gold award to the Malaysian philanthropist for his generous donation and support.

The Genting Group Chairman has always been fond of the philosophy and activities of the Community Chest which is to help every individual live a life to their fullest. He also feels that the organisation has a strong branding as a trusted charity that people can donate and be assured that the funds are applied towards worthwhile causes.

Thus, after seeing the benefits the organisation provides to the communities in Singapore and Hong Kong, Mr Lim decided that the Community Chest family should expand into Malaysia.

After receiving the full blessing and support of the Malaysian government, he founded the Community Chest in Malaysia about a year ago and currently sits as the chairman of the board of trustees.

“My father took care of his children, and he expects us to take care of our children,” Tan Sri Lim recalls. Thus, growing up with a community driven spirit that his late father Mr Lim Goh Tong had instilled in him, Mr Lim continuously supports and contributes generously to charities aiding the young, the elderly and the sick.

Tan Sri Lim also said, “To be able to give is a privilege” and he wholly encourages donors to donate as it is “a great feeling” knowing their funds have helped people in need.

The Community Chest received a record of more than $55 million during their last financial year – an amount which is their best annual fundraising amount to date.

The donations will be shared amongst various charities towards helping children with disabilities, families facing difficulties and the elderly.

The organisation said that people pledging a part of their monthly salaries as well as individual and corporate partners have helped them achieve their fundraising target $55.7 million.

This article was first published in AsiaOne