President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive to promote volunteerism as a way of life

President Tony Tan Keng Yam will launch this year’s President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive at the Lions Befrienders on Saturday.

The President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive (PCVD) is organised by the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) and SG Cares.

It aims to encourage individuals, schools and organisations to participate in a host of volunteering programmes and activities held over August and September.

The highlight of the Volunteer Drive is the Volunteerism Xperience, which is to be held on Saturday.

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) throughout Singapore will conduct open houses with the aim of raising greater public awareness on the nature of their work and educating members of the public on ways they can help.

“Volunteerism builds social capital and promotes community bonding,” said President Tan. “I hope that through the President’s Challenge Volunteer Drive, Singaporeans will become more aware of the many opportunities for us to make a difference in our communities by the giving of our time, energy and ability.”

“Through volunteering, every Singaporean can participate in making Singapore a more caring and compassionate society,” he added.

CEO of NVPC Laurence Lien said, “We want to encourage all Singaporeans to make volunteerism a way of life. Our experience shows that giving becomes most powerful when people connect with a cause they care about. That’s when their giving becomes more engaged and impactful.”

This article was first published in CNA