Animal Lovers League Pre-Loved Shoe Sale (19 – 21 Oct 2012)

The hardworking volunteers from Animal Lovers League will be selling all the donated shoes you have brought to them thus far at Tropics Zone, Suntec City Mall, #03-023!

Like the 250 cats and 350 dogs at the shelter, A.L.L. have a few small truck loads of shoes ready to be “rehomed”. You heard it right, TRUCK LOADS! That translates to a few thousand pairs.

Prices starting from as LOW as just $10 for every brand of ladies shoes. Many luxury brands are represented. From casual to formal, flats to platform heels, sandals to wedges, mass to ultra luxurious – you’ll find them this weekend at Suntec City!

All money collected goes directly to the Animal Lovers League. Money will be used to take care of the animals at Pets Villa shelter in one way or another. Basic care of food, medication and shelter as well as searching for forever homes for our animal friends. Your shoe donations will go a long way in helping.

Spread the word and show your support!

Her Glass Slipper is continuing to collect pre-loved ladies shoes in wearable condition at Her Glass Slipper Boutique until 30th November 2012. So remember to bring them down if you haven’t already done so!