Scholarships given out to students for community work

Six university students from Nee Soon GRC have been awarded scholarships for their work in the community.

Unlike other scholarships, the main criterion for the Dymon Asia scholarship is community involvement.

Holders receive an annual cash grant of S$6,000 for their first year of study, and S$10,000 for each subsequent year of study.

MP for Nee Soon GRC, Mr K Shanmugam, gave out the scholarships on Sunday.

Mr Shanmugam, who is also the Law and Foreign Affairs Minister, said academic and material achievements should not be the only focus for success.

“(The scholarship) is a way of recognising a different aspect, people who want to come forward to serve the community,” he said.

Second-year NUS student Shubaashini Vijaymohan, who is one of the recipients, said: “The scholarship requires us to do 30 hours of community service a month, so that would ensure that I’m doing it consistently. Quality projects, basically at hand.”

Source: CNA