NPOs to be able to tap expertise of volunteer management consultants

Non-profit organisations (NPOs) will soon be able to tap a team of volunteer management consultants to build their volunteer management capabilities.

This is part of the effort to help charities sustain volunteer involvement, said Acting Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth Lawrence Wong.

His ministry will work with the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre to develop a Volunteer Management Consultants Initiative.

This will allow NPOs to tap the expertise of these consultants, to allow them to design reward programmes for volunteers, and help volunteers contribute more effectively.

Mr Wong added that volunteers are likely to build long-term relationships with charities they are involved with when they find joy and fulfillment in the experience.

He said in Parliament: “While it is heartening that more Singaporeans are volunteering their time for good causes, there are also some new patterns emerging. For example, we’ve noticed that those who volunteer are contributing less time compared to previous years. More people are also volunteering on an occasional, rather than a regular, basis.

“From time to time, we hear feedback from volunteers who are disappointed with their volunteering experience, and decide not to continue serving. There are several reasons why this happens. Sometimes the charities are overwhelmed in serving the needs of their beneficiaries, and so do not have the capabilities to engage their volunteers well. When non-profit organisations put in place best practices for volunteer management, it really pays off.”

Source: CNA