Self Spark Happy Day 2013 – Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Self Spark Happy Day 2013 - Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Self Spark Singapore will host a Happy Day to celebrate the world’s first International Day of Happiness. This is an open source, action day for personal growth. It’s like doing a happiness work out.

This is also our way of saying “no” to the Gallup poll stating Singapore is the least positive nation in the world. Come if you think Singapore is or can be a happy place!

The Happy Day is based upon the book The How of Happiness, by Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky.

The facilitator will briefly introduce participants to each of the 12 scientifically proven strategies that Dr. Lyubomirsky describes for improving our happiness. And then challenge each participant to immediately do them! These Happiness Challenges include doing random acts of kindness, briefly meditating, writing gratitude letters, exercising as a group, practicing forgiveness with a partner, describing your “best possible self”, making new friends, etc.

This is fun, fast, and family-friendly event.

4:00 pm Participants arrive and mingle
4:10 pm Happy Day overview
4:30 pm Happiness Challenges
5:30 pm Watch HAPPY documentary
7:00 pm Event ends, happiness continues!

What to Bring
Laptops are helpful for writing, but paper and pen works as well. Please bring your own.

Free for students; $10 recommended donation for adults at the door and more is happily accepted! =)

James Norris ( is certified as an Emotional Intelligence practitioner and will facilitate, but ultimately *you* are in charge of your own happiness.

HubQuarters @ SCAPE is our lovely venue: If you like the space, please consider joining the community.

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