Everest climb to raise funds for Bone Marrow Donor Programme

A group of six Singaporeans chose to remember a friend who died of leukaemia by roughing it out on the Everest trail.

Though not professional climbers, they made it to the base camp – 5,500 metres above sea level – last Wednesday.

And along the way, they raised money for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme.

They have raised about S$4,400 of the S$50,000 they are targeting.

The team will return on Wednesday.

Team member Liong Kek Yee said: “The experience was pretty tough, because we were hit by bad weather. We were hit by snow and strong winds. In that five days, we were trekking in snow. We plan to come up with a series of videos to help to promote the Bone Marrow Donor Programme. We will put it on YouTube and also on Facebook.”

Source: CNA