Volunteers for Singapore Supersized!

Volunteers for Singapore Supersized!

Screenbox Pte Ltd has been commissioned by Mediacorp Okto to produce a series on local arts, and they would like to invite you to possibly play a part in the series, Singapore Supersized!

Art is a form of expression that not only stimulates minds, entertains but also opens a window into the soul of both performer and exhibitor. This series aims to use art as a tool to bring the different communities in Singapore together, with supersized art projects never before attempted or seen before! With the brightest minds in the industry working to bring their art form into the city, heartlands and more, witness as people from all walks of life let loose their creativity and unite for arts’ sake!

For episode 5, they are working with Teater Ekamatra, one of the first few tenants of TAPAC, and they are organizing a walking procession from its current stronghold to their new premises, Aliwal Arts Centre. The aim of this walk is to celebrate the 28 years of its arts housing in conjunction with Teater Ekamatra’s 25-years of history, by inviting artists – who have worked with them for past productions.

Participants will then walk down in character, inspired by Teater Ekamatra’s repertoire of plays, to Aliwal Arts Centre. These characters will go through several stages of emotions at different geographical landmarks. In the journey, participants may interact with the public, according to guidelines that will be discussed during the rehearsal. This is a rain or shine event.

Date of event: 14th April from 11am-8pm

They are looking for 10 volunteers who can participate in the procession for the programme and follow their journey as they take part in the project, and find out what are their hopes in being involved in the project, and how they feel about taking part, as well as their experience taking part in this art form.

The volunteers will be provided meals as well as transport to the location, and the organisation will be credited for their invaluable assistance towards the programme.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact Elyna at elyna@screenbox.com.sg