HSBC staff, volunteers carry out CSR effort despite haze

Some 750 HSBC staff and corporate partners helped needy children and elderly in the community even as the haze continued to choke Singapore.

The four-day effort, from June 18 to June 21, is part of the bank’s annual Corporate Responsibility Challenge.

On Friday, they were joined by 10 children, all of whom are previous beneficiaries.

The children pitched in despite the haze to help refurbish the homes of elderly residents living in rental flats in the Henderson area as a way of giving back to the community.

Volunteer Ong Xin Yi said: “I wore a mask and avoided staying in places that are more hazy. The main (reason for wanting) to come here is because I want to gain more experience and I also want to give the elderly a better place to live in, a better environment, and make it brighter.”

CEO of HSBC Singapore, Guy Harvey-Samuel, said: “The world doesn’t stop because of the haze, and we’ve heard the prime minister and various government ministers encourage people to carry on with what they’re doing, taking sensible precautions… We’re all wearing face masks and drinking lots of water.”

He added that HSBC had decided to continue with its CSR efforts because the bank had made “promises to peopleā€.

He said: “We’ve actually made promises to all these people about how we were going to enrich their lives and make their lives hopefully a little bit better. So we didn’t want to let them down. So we’ve taken those precautions, we haven’t let them down, and actually at the end of the day, the work we’re doing is inside, not outside.”

Source: CNA