Community chest donations from schools reach close to $1 million

Donations from Singapore’s youth and children through Community Chest’s Youth Day Appeal (YDA) and Children’s Day Appeal (CDA) has been rising for the past five years. Average donation per participating school for the YDA increased 40 per cent to more than $2,100 in Financial Year 2012, up from about $1,500 in Financial Year 2008. For CDA, average donation per participating school increased 16 per cent, from over $2,000 in FY2008 to nearly $2,400 in FY2012. The total amount raised by children and youth through Community Chest’s schools’ appeal also hit a record high of more than $996,000 in 2012, the highest since 2003.

“The increasing amount raised by the participating schools for Community Chest’s beneficiaries is very encouraging. We are also very heartened that the students have gone the extra mile to spend time understanding the needs of the less privileged beyond just raising funds. Community Chest hopes to plant the seeds of a caring society from young in partnership with schools, especially through our mascot Sharity Elephant,” said Ms Ng Ling Ling, General Manager of Community Chest.

Allied educators turned car boot sale sellers for a day to raise funds

For this year’s YDA, Canberra Secondary School’s parade square transformed into a car boot sale venue when allied educators swopped school work for cash tills on 12 July. Allied educators turned promoters sold attractive items such as footwear, clothes, bags, stationery, books, kitchenware, electrical appliances and accessories to students from their car boots, raising over $2,000 for charity.

Students were encouraged to make payment using 50-cent coins as the coins were collected into a container that is specially created by the students in the shape of the word “yoUth”, to emphasise the Youth Day message of “U” made a difference.

Ms Frieda Leong, Head of Department (Student Development) of Canberra Secondary School, said, “The school believes in developing every student of Canberra to be responsible citizen who is willing to contribute back to our society. Canberra has participated in Community Chest’s Youth Day Appeal since year 2000. The Appeal provides an excellent platform for our students to live out our school value of Serving with Distinction and has helped our students to realise the impact of their efforts which go a long way in helping the charities.”