Project Happy Feet draws some 2,000 participants

Project Happy Feet draws some 2,000 participants

Over S$70,000 has been raised for underprivileged children in Singapore and Cambodia via an unconventional race in flip-flops — called Project Happy Feet, the race returned on Saturday for a third run at East Coast Park.

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development and Defence Maliki Osman flagged off the non-competitive event involving some 2,000 participants.

It was literally a walk-in-the park for all, including the Team Singapore athletes who took part.

The event is inspired by the many school children living in rural places elsewhere who have to walk to school either barefoot or in slippers.

Dr Maliki said: “The uniqueness about Project Happy Feet is they’re totally run by volunteers. In the organisation are young people, young professionals who set aside their professional time to do good work. Because of that, they’ve been able to attract many, many like-minded young people.”

Source: CNA