Special Olympics athletes, volunteers wash cars for charity

Some 30 Special Olympics athletes and volunteers got together to wash cars for charity on Saturday.

The team washed about 60 cars in nine hours at Orchid Country Club. They raised more than S$2,000.

All proceeds will benefit children and youths from orphanages and children’s homes.

The event was held in conjunction with Special Olympics Singapore’s 30th anniversary.

Part of its initiatives is to inform the public of the talents and capabilities of people with intellectual disabilities.

Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang, president of Special Olympics Singapore, said: “Our athletes have always received. I think it’s important for them to recognise the fact that they are capable of giving back to Singapore, but they must do something themselves. And so they must take the time and effort to go and wash the cars, raise the funds, persuade people to come and let them do a good deed, and then use the funds to benefit others.”

Source: CNA