Volunteers required at the 44th Street Children’s Club (Tampines Family Service Centre)

Tampines Family Service Centre

Tampines Family Service Centre is looking for volunteers to help out at the Children’s Club on selected dates during the upcoming school holidays in November & December.

Description of volunteer’s role
1. Oversee registration of children who come into the club.
2. Ensure that the kids adhere to the rules of the children’s club.
3. Engage the children (6 to 12 year olds) through play. Volunteers will have access to games and materials that they can use to engage the kids.
4. Help out if they are holiday programmes conducted by external providers at the club.

Qualification and Skills
1. Must 15 years old and above.
2. Must be friendly, outgoing, punctual and responsible.
3. Enjoy being around children.
4. Must be able to communicate fluently in English.

Dates / Time
1. Mon, 18 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
2. Tue, 19 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
3. Wed, 20 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
4. Thu, 21 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
5. Fri, 22 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
6. Wed, 27 Nov (2pm to 5pm)
7. Wed, 4 Dec (2pm to 5pm)
8. Wed, 11 Dec (2pm to 5pm)
9. Fri, 13 Dec (2pm to 5pm)
10. Wed, 18 Dec (2pm to 5pm)
11. Fri, 20 Dec (2pm to 5pm)

To note:
1. Training will be provided.
2. Student volunteers can claim CIP hours.
3. You can choose more than one day, from the above dates to volunteer.
4. Minimum of one volunteer and maximum of three volunteers per day

If you are interested, please email joelychacko@tampines.mws.org.sg