Looking for passionate and committed volunteers!

As the new semester for Secondary and Primary school is dawning, we are currently looking for a new pool of passionate and committed volunteers to join our cause.

Who are we:
We are a group of like-minded youths who came together to form and manage STEP Chapter Singapore (STEP Chapter: SG) under the guidance and funding of Singapore Technologies Endowment Programme (STEP). Consisting mostly of young adults, we come together with one aim – to inspire more of our generation to give back to the society that shaped us.

For more information about us, here is a link to our introductory video on STEP Chapter: SG’s programmes: http://youtu.be/PFtj7QwMu4c

To hear from our tuition volunteers themselves on the tuition programme just click on the link below: http://youtu.be/KkUSG3yPBAs

What do we do:
Under our flagship programme, we have been partnering Boys’ Town Singapore (BT) for the past 3 years by providing them with volunteer tutors for their tuition program.

Our volunteers tutor the boys who are aged between 11 – 18, who come primarily from large, troubled, single parent or financially needy families.

When is the tuition program:
Days: Mondays & Thursdays *
Time: 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm weekly (Starting on the week of 20th January 2014)
* You may select your preferred day

Where is the tuition programme held at:
Location Boys’ Town Singapore
622 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678117

Do Feel drop us an email at step.chapter.sg@gmail.com if you interested to join our program.