Recycle light bulbs to help needy families

Residents in the South West District are being encouraged to recycle their used light bulbs in what is said to be Singapore’s first recycle-a-bulb initiative that aims to benefit low-income households.

For every used light bulb recycled, a new energy-efficient light bulb will be given to a low-income household to help it save energy and cost.

Residents who recycle their light bulbs will be given vouchers to buy new energy-efficient light bulbs at a discounted price.

The recycling drive aims to raise 2,000 energy-efficient light bulbs that will benefit 500 low- income families and vulnerable elderly living in one- to three-room flats.

For the past eight years, residents have been actively recycling paper and clothing. This year, the list of recycled products was expanded to include light bulbs, which aren’t easy to recycle.

Dr Amy Khor, Mayor of South West District and Senior Minister of State for Health and Manpower, said: “In the households, the homemakers or residents themselves really don’t know how to recycle (light bulbs).

“Most of them will throw (the used light bulbs) in the rubbish chute.

“By providing them with proper light bulb recycling bin, we can encourage residents to recycle these light bulbs (in an ethical and safe environment), because light bulbs contain mercury and other substances.”

Residents can recycle their used bulbs by dropping them at the 30 Residents Committee centres equipped with the recycling bins.

Source: CNA