SG Gives raises more than $11 million for charity in 2013

Singaporeans continue to be charitable, giving more than ever to charity last year. Through Singapore’s largest donation portal SG Gives, over $11 million was raised for charity in 2013 as compared to over $8 million in 2012. The last day of 2013 also saw a 42 per cent increase in total donations over the same day in 2012, with over $560,000 garnered for charity as compared to donations received on 31 December 2012.

People continue to celebrate the festive season by giving to those in need, with December raking in the highest amount of donations compared to other months. Donors gave over $4 million in December 2013 compared to $3 million in December 2012.

Laurence Lien, CEO of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre said: “We are encouraged that people still make giving a priority and remember the needy even as they celebrate the festive season. We hope that more will not just give, but inspire others to do so as well. This year, we ran our first advocacy campaign, #GivingTuesdaySG, that encouraged all in Singapore to give more and more often. We are thankful to have partners come on board to support us and that contributed to its success. However, we can’t do this alone and in order for Singapore to be a giving nation, we will need everyone’s help to inspire giving, and make giving their priority.”

In addition to an increase in total donations, the portal also saw a 33 per cent increase in the number of unique donors, from 8,083 in 2012 to 10,714 in 2013.

Top donors on SG Gives gave even more, with total donations made by top 10 donors increasing by 70 per cent to over $940,000 last year, as compared to over $550,000 in 2012. Top 10 donors also donated on average a minimum of $6,600 per charity per donor last year, a dramatic increase from $1,700 in 2012.

Popular sectors continue to be social services sector and health, garnering 57 per cent ($6.2 million) and 37 per cent ($4 million) of total donations respectively. Within the social services sector however, the least donations went to the elderly. Charities in the elderly sector only accounted for 7 per cent (just over $400,000) of donations garnered by the social services sector.

Said Mr Woon Wee Yim, Chairman of St. John’s Home for Elderly Person, whose organisation was also our partner for #GivingTuesdaySG: “SG Gives is a great platform for us to receive donations. It is cost effective, thereby allowing us to channel our limited resources to providing care for the elderly. Non-government funded charities like ours are all the more dependent on donations from the public. I hope that more donors, and more volunteers, will support the elderly sector. It is a growing sector. Our Home is receiving more and more enquiries for admission and we will also soon be constructing a new building to house our residents. We must not forget that our older generation has contributed much to make Singapore what it is today.”

SG Gives has also steadily been engaging more corporate donors; the number of corporate donors has increased by 77 per cent from 56 in 2012 to 99 in 2013. This is a positive development that NVPC wishes to encourage, so the team will increase efforts to engage companies to give more and be more innovative in their giving in 2014. Said Patsian Low, Director of Philanthropy Division, NVPC, “We see more business donations on SG Gives represented by small to medium enterprises, which is a positive sign that not just large multinationals but also smaller local businesses are developing a giving spirit.”

Likewise, NVPC will be stepping up its fundraising efforts this year in order to roll out even more programmes that can help Singapore’s non-profit and charity sector.

SG Gives, an initiative of the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, has registered over 300 charities across various causes like children, elderly, family, arts, animals & environment and sports. Since its inception in February 2010, the portal has raised over $30 million for the charities registered on its site.

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