Couples taking up Red Cross’ call to make Valentine’s Day meaningful

Couples taking up Red Cross' call to make Valentine's Day meaningful

They do not celebrate Valentine’s Day, but they believe in celebrating love.

To share this love, Mr Gregory Eric Pink, 30 and his wife, Mrs Cynthia Shirley Pink, 29, have chosen to spend the weekend volunteering with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) on their annual Flag Day on Saturday.

SRC is encouraging couples to take part together because Flag Day is a day after Valentine’s Day this year.

Over 40 couples, including the Pinks, have signed up for the event.

The couple said that they used to volunteer at old folks’ homes and children’s homes but stopped because of various commitments.

Mr Pink, a personal trainer, said: “It’s time we got back on track and started volunteering again. This (Flag Day) is just the beginning. I’m hoping that this can become a serious commitment.”

Mrs Pink, a receptionist at a software firm, said: “Everyone, not just couples, should celebrate and feel the love. So we want to spread this love by volunteering.

“If one person does whatever they can to make a difference, imagine what we can do as couples. It’ll be amazing.”


This is their first time volunteering at Flag Day together, and they are excited despite the recent hot weather.

Mrs Pink said: “We’re not worried about getting tired. My husband is a personal trainer, so I think we’ll be alright.”

Mr Benjamin William, secretary-general of SRC, said: “We are very happy that more then 6,000 volunteers would be devoting their precious Saturday to raise funds for the Singapore Red Cross. It is especially heart-warming to note that many couples have signed up.”

Madam Tjut Rostina, 34, a corporate communications manager, and her husband, Mr Mark Johnston, 33, an assistant editor at a magazine, will also be volunteering.

The couple, who have a five-month-old daughter, will be volunteering for the first time at Flag Day.

Madam Tjut said: “We want to set an example for our baby girl.

“We want her to know that when you help people it’s not about the money. You can give your time and skills as well through volunteering.”

Source: The New Paper