Volunteer with Family Life Centre

Volunteer with Family Life Centre

Here’s a volunteering opportunity with Family Life Centre – FLC, a registered non-profit Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) set up since 1996. Through various social welfare services, the organisation aims to meet the physical, emotional and psychological needs of the society. You may click www3.familylifectre.org for more information!

They are currently serving the needy community in Toa Payoh, mostly not taken care of by other VWOs. Amongst these underprivileged group, there are families with school-going children who are facing declining academic performance. However, due to the families’ financial status, tuition becomes a privilege that is beyond their means.

FLC is thereby launching a tuition program and are pooling volunteers to help these children. They are seeking the assistance of experienced or non-experienced volunteer-tutors to help train unexperienced tutors and/or help in giving tuition to the beneficiaries. Tuition days and time will depend on the families’ and volunteers’ schedules, each session lasting about 2 hours, and ending latest by 9.30pm.

Interested volunteers, do contact Ms Chan Hui Qi at admin@familylifectre.org with the following details:

a. All grades/only specific ones which you want to tutor: do include your language grade(s) as well!
b. Subjects: that you want to teach, and the level you are comfortable with teaching
c. Commitment Days & Times to come down for tutoring. From these options, tutees will be matched to volunteers who has similar times. Min. 2 hours sessions.
d. Max. Tutoring Days/Week – number of days that you want to volunteer weekly – which will be chosen from Commitment Days/Times.
e. Commitment Period; min. half a year, if they’d like to volunteer for a year, they can put >1 year. You are encouraged to aim for maximum of 1 year first, unless you have prior experience and are really interested in tutoring.
f. Remarks: other things you’d like to add.

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