Overseas online purchases for charity at Fairprice portal now available

Singaporeans living overseas can soon donate to the Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift project, as supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice is accepting overseas purchases at its online shopping portal to support the project.

Speaking at an event marking the start of the project on Thursday (Nov 20), Chairman of The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift 2014 Lui Chong Chee said the move comes amid growing interest among Singaporeans living overseas, who wish to help the needy in Singapore.

Donors can buy food items or donation hampers from the portal using overseas-issued credit cards. Food items can also be donated at its selected outlets, NTUC FairPrice said.

Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, who attended the event, said: “It is also important for us to remember that even in Singapore, we do have fellow Singaporeans who are less privileged than many of us. They do have various challenges for a host of reasons and they may not be able to enjoy in the same way that we do.”

Cadet Lieutenant of the 5th Singapore Company of The Boys’ Brigade Mr Benz Koh is encouraged by the warm response from members of the public. “Many people who come and donate are very generous. They bother to go the extra mile to buy the food items and donate them to us rather than just donating money,” he said.

Donors can visit an installation at the Braddell Heights Community Hub to find out more about the project.

Source: CNA