‘Epic’ ride raises S$279,000 for Kidney Dialysis Foundation

'Epic' ride raises S$279,000 for Kidney Dialysis Foundation

A group 53 volunteer cyclists have raised S$279,000 for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation, which helps low-income dialysis patients. The non-profit group called Epic Cyclist covered a total of 1,000 kilometres (km), from Thailand to Singapore.

The cyclists returned on Monday afternoon (Jan 26), four days after starting out from Danok in southern Thailand.

Founder of the Kidney Dialysis Foundation, Dr Gordon Ku, said: “Cycling to raise funds is not something new. But the new thing is that to cycle for 1,000km over four days, which is something not many people can accomplish. They can accomplish this because they can share some common goal and passion – to help the needy in society.”

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong welcomed the cyclists with medals at a presentation ceremony at the Singapore Island Country Club.

This is the second time Epic Cyclist has raised funds for the foundation, which has served over 790 patients.

The cyclists included homemakers, banking executives and even a 62-year-old retiree who is the oldest participant. “To me, age is just a number,” said Mr Peter Sng. “The more I mix with them, the more I feel much younger. I do not feel that age is a stopping block to stop you from doing whatever you like.”

Source: CNA