First SG Care & Share Day will celebrate spirit of volunteerism

SG Care & Share Day

A slew of events are on the cards to mark Singapore’s 50th birthday, and one of these will do so by celebrating the spirit of volunteerism.

The inaugural SG Care & Share Day takes place on Jan 25, at the Singapore Sports Hub, and aims to kickstart a positive experience for volunteers, charities, and beneficiaries.

“We all need a helping hand” – this simple yet powerful message is the driving force behind the SG Care & Share Day. It is a collaboration between MediaCorp and Community Chest, and will involve over 20 charities and their beneficiaries.

The event takes off from the Care & Share Movement, to encourage fund-raising and volunteering as part of SG50 celebrations.

Said Community Chest Chairman Phillip Tan: “It is very important for a nation like Singapore that is developed to be also gracious. In a gracious nation, the citizens of the country must also care for each other, and more importantly, care for those less fortunate. So in celebrating our golden anniversary, the Care & Share Movement brings out volunteerism to help those less fortunate than us, and also to share by volunteering their time or contributing money to the less fortunate.”

At the inaugural SG Care & Share Day, the public can experience what it is like to be a volunteer, understand more about social causes, and take part in activities conducted by the charities. There will also be performances involving popular TV and radio personalities from MediaCorp.

“MediaCorp has one of the most important communication roles with the nation,” said Mr Tan. “Everybody watches television, and therefore it has a big influence. Its artistes – who are well-admired by many in Singapore – will be role models for a lot of people to follow. Therefore MediaCorp, by getting their artistes’ involvement, and by communicating what we have done for the social service sector, by encouraging people to care and share – I think it will be a very important role for MediaCorp.”

“SG Care & Share Day creates a space for people who want to do volunteer work to come together with those who benefit from the help of volunteers. At the end of the day, we think people will come away with new skills that make volunteering fun and impactful”, said MediaCorp’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer Chang Long Jong.

SG Care & Share Day will be an annual event, and aims to be the biggest gathering of beneficiaries, volunteers, and the public at a single venue. The 2015 edition will be held on Sunday (Jan 25) at the Singapore Sports Hub from 1pm to 5pm. To sign up for the activities and for more information, please visit

Source: CNA