Singapore runner to compete in 281km ultramarathon for charity

Seasoned ultramarathon campaigner Lim Nghee Huat will be taking part in the Brazil 135+ Ultramarathon in Sao Paolo – the first Singaporean to participate in the invite-only competition.

Mr Lim, a Chinese TV editor at MediaCorp, said he will race against 99 other athletes through mountainous areas and uneven trails across three days, as he attempts to be the first local to complete the course. He was speaking at a charity lunch on Monday (Jan 5).

As with his previous races, Mr Lim is running for a charity of his choice. In this instance, he hopes to raise S$150,000 for Habitat for Humanity Singapore, and the money will be used to build simple, decent houses in poverty-stricken areas worldwide.

“I think we should do something to benefit society. To benefit needy people. And I’ve been doing this since my first ultramarathon,” said Mr Lim.

“This time, I’ve chosen Habitat for Humanity Singapore. I believe they are doing great things, helping build houses for the poor, not necessarily in Singapore but in the surrounding countries as well. And also they have been helping elderly people improve their living environment. I think this is a good cause, so I am dedicating this run to them.”

To prepare for the race, the marathoner clocks in 20km on weekday nights and 80km on weekends at Upper Pierce Reservoir. He also revealed he puts his body through the paces by consuming race essentials such as hot coffee and chilled orange slices midway through his runs to keep energy levels up.

Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin, who was the guest of honour at the charity event on Monday, offered words of encouragement to the runner. He lauded Mr Lim for contributing to a “worthy cause” and urged more Singaporeans to make a difference to those around them.

Mr Tan said: “As the saying goes, it is in giving that you receive. And I think there is a lot of truth in that. I can think of no other way to really build a better society. If we want to build a society that is gracious, a society that is compassionate, that reconnects with our own humanity, I do believe that giving is really that platform. And not just financially, although it is always welcome.

“But if we’re prepared to give ourselves towards making a difference in the lives of others, you do not need to travel far – even in our own neighbourhoods you can do that. I believe that change will happen.”

Source: CNA