NTUC FairPrice to up volunteerism drive

NTUC FairPrice announced on Thursday (Feb 26) it will commit to achieving 5,000 hours of staff volunteer contribution by this year through its FairPrice staff volunteer programme.

To kickstart the commitment, Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO (Singapore) of NTUC FairPrice, together with other staff, volunteered at Ren Ci Nursing Home. During the event, Mr Seah and his staff spent time with the elderly, served food, distributed oranges and participated in other activities such as karaoke.

“Through volunteerism, we were also able to foster greater teamwork and camaraderie as we spent meaningful hours volunteering together while doing good for the community,” said Mr Seah.

“Encouraged by the strong support for this programme, we will ramp up our volunteer efforts. We look to set a greater height and a renewed commitment to achieve a goal of 5,000 hours by the end of this year.”

Since it was introduced in 2012, the FairPrice staff volunteer programme had an initial goal to volunteer 2,300 hours annually by 2016, which was achieved in 2014. FairPrice has also contributed a collective 6,820 hours in volunteerism since 2012.

This volunteer programme is customised according to staff preferences and interests and includes a wide range of volunteer activities for staff to choose from. This ranges from packing and distributing food to those in need, visiting beneficiaries’ homes or participating in excursions with them such as movies or park visits, and cleaning the homes of elderly residents who live alone.

Source: CNA