Volunteer For National Vertical Marathon 2016

Volunteer For National Vertical Marathon 2016

National Vertical Marathon (NVM) is an alternative approach to conventional flat road marathons. It is a sport that takes advantage of the many skyscrapers in Singapore. Given its unique nature, NVM has attracted remarkable response over the past 21 years since its inception in NTU Sports Club in 1994.

NVM 2016 is proudly organised by the 22nd NVM Organising Committee. The committee seeks to bring the simple sport of stair-climbing to every sportsman and non- sportsman.

Every year, volunteers play an important role in the success of the event. This year, the committee is looking to recruit like-minded and passionate individuals as volunteers to help out in the event.

To find out more about the event, feel free to visit http://nvm.ntusportsclub.sg

I. Benefits for Volunteers
In appreciation of his/her contribution, every student volunteer will be awarded:

–  20 CIP hours*
–  Volunteer t-shirt
–  Goodie bag**
–  Meals (Breakfast and lunch on event day)

Furthermore, volunteers will have a first hand experience in helping out in a national event of such a large scale.

*Volunteers are required to stay throughout the event in order to be awarded the full 20 CIP hours
** Subjected to availability

II. Requirements of Volunteers
Volunteers are required to stay overnight in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) the night prior to the event day. Transport to One Raffles Place where the event will be held will be provided.

(a) Reporting Details
Date: 21st May 2016
Time: 2200hrs
Location: NTU Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC)
Volunteers will be deployed till 1800hrs on 22nd May 2016

(b) Reasons for Staying Over
– Volunteers will be briefed regarding their respective job scopes the night before
– Volunteers will be dispatched at a very early timing to the event ground
All volunteers must be present on 21st May for the briefing of their job scopes

(c) Age Requirements
15 and above

III. Job Scope
Engaged volunteers will be tasked to one of the four following roles:
a) Event Ground Helpers
Event Ground helpers will be stationed at the event ground to assist with registration, goodie bag distribution etc.

b) Logistics Helpers
Logistics helpers will be helping out with baggage collection and return, water point and any logistics related task throughout the day.

c) Staircase Helpers
Staircase helpers will be tasked to help out with the various run categories, which includes being stationed at the start and end point, the staircase, helping out with special category station games and any staircase related task throughout the day.

d) Side Games Helpers
Side games helpers will help out with side games throughout the day.

Volunteers are allocated to their respective job scopes based on their respective strengths and suitability for the job. Volunteers are also not restricted to one job scope and may be deployed to different job scopes throughout the day based on the needs of the event.

IV. Signing Up
Interested volunteers can sign up via http://tinyurl.com/NVM2016Volunteers

For any further enquiries, please feel free to contact: Kwek Le Yin: +65 9672 7112 (leyinkwek@gmail.com)