Craze Ultra 2016 – Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers (also known as Craze) are needed to Motivate & Support the Craze Ultra 2016 participants as they take up to 32 hours to finish the maximum distance of 100 miles (160.9km) through Singapore’s Park Connectors from MacRitchie all the way to Bedok Reservoir Park.

Event Date: 3 – 4 September 2016

(A) Stationary Locations:
There are several locations where volunteers are required to be stationed at:
– Main Event Site/Main Command Centre @ MacRitchie Reservoir
– Checkpoints (Mandai Road, Woodlands Waterfront, Sembawang Road, Yishun Ave 1/Yishun Dam, Lorong Halus Wetland Visitor Centre, Pasir Ris Green & Bedok Reservoir Park)

View the locations of the Checkpoints:

(B) Bike Patrol:
Volunteers on bicycles are also required as part of the Bike Patrol Team, roving along some sections of the Craze Ultra route & helping participants in any way possible.

(C) Logistics Nutcase:
Follow the Logistics vehicle to assist with setup & teardown at Checkpoints

(D) Photographer:
Take memorable photos of the event at any location of your choice

Note for all Positions: You may wish bring/prepare your own Food prior to the start of your shift.  You may choose to receive an optional allowance for your food/drink expenses .

All Volunteers will receive the following:
1. A Craze Ultra Dri-Fit Material T-Shirt (collect it at the Checkpoint when you arrive at your assigned time slot)
2. Optional Food Allowance ($10) for each shift performed (you will need to bring/purchase your own food to the Checkpoints prior to your shift.  If you opted for the Food Allowance, you will receive it after the event)
3. CIP Letter (if required)
4. Amazing experience & great self-satisfaction from cheering on every participant & helping them finish their goal!

For more info, please visit or email:

If you would like to volunteer, please submit your details here