Participate in Ren Ci Hospital & NUS USP’s Camp REConnection III


Camp REConnection is a project initiative started in 2014 by Ren Ci Hospital, targeted at post-secondary students.

NUS USP [National University of Singapore (University Scholars Programme)], in collaboration with Ren Ci Hospital will be organizing a 4-day camp with the objective of reconnecting the elderly and youths of today.

Aimed at youth participants between 16 and 19 years old, the camp hopes to raise awareness of the problems that beleaguer the elderly sector in Singapore, particularly the elderly who require long-term care.

The 4-day camp shall comprise a combination of theoretical and practical activities, culminating in an outdoor activity with the elderly.

Through exposing the youths to the difficulties faced by the elderly in their daily lives, the camp hopes to stimulate their thought and compassion, thereby helping them to better empathise with the older generation.

Participants can look forward to an enriching line-up of programmes, including dialect lessons as well as fun activities such as gardening with the elderly.

One of the highlights of  this  year’s camp is the talks on Singapore’s population  landscape,  eldercare  and  policies  pertaining  to  our  silver  generation by healthcare professionals in the professionals in the eldercare industry such as Council for Third Age.

These programmes will be held at Ren Ci Nursing Home, which will give students a unique first-hand experience in interacting with the elderly residents.

Details of Camp REConnection III
Dates                         : 12th to 15th December 2016
Time                           : 9am to 5pm
Registration Fees       : $10 (inclusive of daily lunch)

Registration is open from now until 31 October 2016.

Interested youths can sign up by registering online via CIP hours will also be awarded to participants in appreciation of their time spent interacting with the elderly residents.