Bringing National Day to Nursing Homes and Community Hospitals


Every year, more than 90,000 seniors are unable to attend NDP, or be at home with their families to enjoy the National Day celebrations. This year, you can make a difference! Since 2014, ACE Seniors has been bringing National Day celebrations to nursing homes and community hospitals across Singapore.

In this year’s programme, ACE Seniors will be bringing National Day to the residents and staff of 10 nursing homes and hospitals. Join them in a nostalgia-themed carnival filled with food and games, accompanied by performances and broadcasts of the National Day parade.

Date, Time & Location:
9th August – Sree Narayana Mission Home, 4 to 8pm
11th August – The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home, 12 to 5pm
12th August – St Andrews Nursing Home, 12 to 5pm
17th August – All Saints Home (Hougang), 12 to 5pm

– Volunteers can either choose a single date, or volunteer for more than one date
– Please click here for the dates for each beneficiary (the dates can also be found on the registration link)

Volunteer job scope:
– Set up the venue (decorations, booths, seating)
– Man games and activities booth
– Befriend residents and assist in wheeling residents from place to place
– Encourage residents to participate in the games and activities during the carnival

Volunteer benefits:
– Create intergenerational bonding between young and old volunteers
– Foster greater understanding of the needs of our seniors
– Create an inclusive environment filled with joy, while celebrating our nation’s birthday month
– Be a source of inspiration for elderly residents to be proactive and positive about their existing conditions
– Interact and forge new friendships with fellow like-minded volunteers

Signup link:
– Please indicate which dates you’ll be volunteering at in the Google Form
– You will receive a reply within 3 working days to acknowledge your registration

For enquiries, please contact Wai San at or call 6509 8680.