The Design Cultivation Volunteer Recruitment

The Design Cultivation is a non-profit initiative, by a collective of youths exploring design as a medium for social change. At the heart of The Design Cultivation are its love for the community and passion for design.

In July 2017, The Design Cultivation held its inaugural exhibition, after a two-month programme, where participants from various backgrounds came together to research, brainstorm design solutions for the community, and to explore design as a medium for social change.

Following this, it is looking forward to grow its team of youth volunteers, for upcoming projects on (design x community), bringing more minds and hands together for the community.

If you’re passionate about doing something good for the community, are gung-ho about trying new things, and are willing to set aside time to research, brainstorm and execute, then The Design Cultivation might be the place for you!

The Design Cultivation is looking for youths from various backgrounds, not only designers, so unless you’re applying for a specialised role (e.g. designer), having design experience is secondary!

For any questions, feel free to drop an email to