A Good Day Out

Description of Event:
– Organised by TOTE Board, celebrating 30 years of giving
– Shan You has a booth to sell its merchandise and promote its agency.

Purpose of involvement:
– Shan You has been creating social impact since 1995 with its main social cause into advocating for better mental health and promoting overall well-being of all in the society
– The event will help to boost the awareness, allowing for more who are in need of its services to benefit (eg. the elderly, the destitute, the disadvantaged families) and also to help them raise funds through the sale of its merchandise.

Scope of Volunteers Duties:
– Help to create awareness of Shan You (giving its brochures, sharing on its services, about the Happiness Rice Pack etc)
– Help in the Sale of its merchandise – Shan You Happiness Rice Pack
– Help in logistics (eg bring the items from the car park to The Meadow, and bring the items back to Shan You office after the event)

Skills Needed:
– Comfortable in engaging with public
– Passionate about contributing for a social good

No of Volunteers Needed: 3 volunteers per shift

Volunteer Shift:
– Shift 1 : 9am to 3pm.
– Shift 2 : 2.30 to 8.30pm

Other Details:
– Volunteers will be provided with a brief through email covering information about the agency, the services provided, the location etc.
– Volunteers will be given CIP hours if required (only upon completion of full volunteer shift)
– Meals will be given to volunteers (only vegetarian meal available)
– No transport allowance will be given or reimburse
– Letter of appreciation will only be given to volunteers who have clocked 10 service hours
– Registration from now till 8 Feb 2018.

Date of event: 10 Feb 2018
Venue: The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay

Sign Up/Contact Details:
Please email jennifer.lee@shanyou.org.sg with: (1) your name, (2) age, (3) preferred shift and (4) Other Information: Do you have a food hygiene permit? Yes / No