Colours of the Forest – Calling for Volunteers

At Colours of the Forest, immerse yourself in a “rainforest” rich in art and stories. The green theme in this festival village puts a spotlight on biodiversity and our relationship with nature while promising a night of fun-filled enrichment activities for family and friends!

Be awed by a sky art waterfall installation hanging gloriously with handcrafted ornaments of the rainforest. Or wander through pillars decked out in flora and fauna made from everyday materials by our community artists. Come see the Community Club’s ground floor transformed into a landscape teeming with highly eclectic sculptures of contemporary plants and wildlife. You can also look forward to many Instagrammable backdrops as you discover a unique conceptualisation of a forest within a concrete jungle.

Other highlights:
• Storytelling by parents at the waterfall
• Personalised marbled coasters
• Monoprints of forest life on your own bookmark
• Customisable silkscreen printing on tote-bags
• Stamp-carving with a forest theme

Join as a volunteer to be part of the art magic.

Title: Colours of the Forest
Date: 7 July 2018, Saturday
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Venue: Taman Jurong CC, 1 Yung Sheng Road S(618495)
Dress Code: White/Black Tee with jeans
Volunteer Roles: Booth Assistants, Event Helpers
Job scope: Assist Booth IC, assist in set up & tear down, logistics, top up of booth items etc
**Food and CIP hours will be provided

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