Mi Le Old Folks’ Charity Lunch Volunteer Recruitment – 16th Dec 2018

The committee team of Mi Le Old Folks’ Association, is putting together a meaningful charity event to bring out 500 elderly from the various Homes (Thye Hua Kwan, Singapore Christian Home & Care Corner) for an afternoon of sumptuous lunch and entertainment. These elderly spent most of their time in the Homes and some have few visitors throughout the year.

The lunch will not only be a treat for them but also provides a chance to go out and interact with other elderly and volunteers, which will be very beneficial for their mental health.

The event will not be possible if there are insufficient volunteers to help out. If you have no plans on 16 Dec, please do support this meaningful event to bring some joy and warmth to these elderly. It will give them something to look forward to and something to remember thereafter.

The main role of the volunteers include guiding the elderly from their buses to the lunch venue and taking care of the elderly on each table while the elderly enjoy their meal. Lastly, volunteers will help to bring these elderly back to the coach bus when the event is over. Breakfast will be served to the volunteers prior to the start of the event.

To find out more info / to sign up, please refer to this link: