Recruitment of Volunteers for M.Y Mentoring 2019

MYMCA conducts a mentoring programme for lower Secondary NA students that emphasizes on developing self-esteem and self-identity.

At MYMCA, the organisation believes in nurturing and empowering the young for social responsibility through these four core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

MY Mentoring
MYMCA conducts a mentoring programme, MY Mentoring, for lower Secondary NA students that emphasizes on developing self-esteem and self-identity by engaging them through the 5 Socio-Emotional Learning components and empowering them through community project work.

What is the role of a mentor?
As a volunteer, you will play the role of a mentor to the targeted group of students from the Secondary School our programme will be working with. These are a group of Secondary 1 or 2 Normal Academic students who tend to exhibit low self-esteem and sometimes bear negative self concepts. Having said that, a mentor will act as a trusted friend and role model to the students, and journey with them through the programme – encompassing direct teaching of social emotional skills, self reflection, and critical thinking. MYMCA also believes in empowering its volunteers and therefore through this programme, you will be given the opportunity to initiate a Service Learning Project together with the mentees as a platform to develop your leadership and planning skills.

What can volunteers expect?
Mentors will receive basic mentoring training that aims to prepare and support the mentors by equipping you with hard and soft skills. A few examples would be discussions on rapport building, communication, facilitation skills. There will be 5 mentor trainings that takes place before and during the run of the programme and 1 celebration session after the programme.

As mentioned earlier, the programme will span over 3-7 months consisting of 10-18 school sessions aimed to develop the mentees in the area of self-esteem with reference to the 5 Socio-Emotional Learning components. Session topics include:
• Self awareness
• Social awareness
• Building healthy relationships
• Responsibility in decision-making

During most sessions, the mentees will be engaged through experiential learning activities, followed by a mass debrief and more in-depth reflection individually (or 2 mentees) with the mentor.

The school sessions are held once a week, on a weekday afternoon, at the school. Additionally, there will be 5 training sessions, held in Jan/Feb. There is also a celebration session after the programme ends! Currently, we have a few schools on our end, thus the programme’s date and time varies. There are the schools’ rough programme schedules:
17 session, Feb – August, Wednesday, 1.10pm – 4.30pm (Hougang area)
10 session, Feb – May, Friday Morning (Bishan area)
10 session, Feb – May, exact day and time to be confirmed (Queenstown area)
The day and time is currently unconfirmed but will definitely be on a weekday afternoon as it is an after school session.

Interested applicants can fill in the application form via the google link (

For enquiries, please contact Ms Grace Chua or Ms Melissa Poh or via phone at 6839 8336 or 6839 8335 respectively.