Volunteer for N.O.W. 2019

N.O.W. 2019 is a three-week public project presented by TheatreWorks Singapore focusing on women artists, with a team of women production, technical and administrative staff from 10 to 28 July.

N.O.W. celebrates the multiplicity of women’s voices in the arts. Created and led by women, made for everyone, not only women. These are not ordinary work, but work focusing on narratives of (and by) women and unpacking the diversity and plurality of women creators and thinkers, their concerns and their approach of making work. From film to theatre, comedy to visual arts, workshops to panel discussions, N.O.W. spotlights her process, her thoughts and her creation. Experimental, deliciously weird, and yes, fun, these works explore the conversations women creators and thinkers have with the world – and each other.

There are many wonderful events available, over 20 to be exact, some with low payment needed and some are completely free.

Volunteer Job Scope:
– Welcoming guests
– Ushering guests to rooms
– Managing and taking care of Apotropaic Texts exhibition

Dress Code: black top, pants and shoes

This will be a Front of House role. If you are interested, please fill in the form here: https://forms.gle/rvb9gMxiVZUyc5rp7
Volunteers will have ONE complimentary ticket to a screening of their choice (please see form).

Website: https://www.notordinarywork.com