Volunteering Opportunities with SATA Commhealth

SATA Commhealth provides lifelong healthcare in the community, through preventive and primary care via its medical centres as well as mobile services for those who are vulnerable. For disadvantaged elderly consumers, SATA Commhealth provides home care and integrated social and healthcare, so they can age in place and with dignity.

The organisation is currently looking for volunteers to help in the following regular/ad-hoc events:

Community Interviewers (Ad-hoc)
– To understand Community Health & Wellness Assessment Surveys
– Four main languages [English, Chinese, Malay, Tamil] to conduct these street surveys every Friday afternoon alongside SATA CommHealth staff, (2 hours per month)

Befrienders for Elderly (Weekly)
– Help look out for any impending medical or social issues.
– Give ample time to befriend the elderly to build trust (30 mins per week)

Health Advocate (Daily)
– Bring up awareness to external public on the range of services that are available
– Identify further development which aspect pointers that can help increase the number of visitors to clinic
– To be located at all medical clinics

Service Ambassadors (Weekly)
– Customer satisfaction scores
– Distribution of drinks and light snacks to waiting patrons
– Located at SWMC, SJMC, SAMC and SUMC (Upon time permit)

If you are interested to volunteer, please contact torrance.tsang@sata.com.sg