Volunteer Recruitment for Homeground @ Macpherson

Homeground @ MacPherson is a project by Majulah Community in collaboration with community organisations to research on demographics and needs of the residents of Pipit Road and Circuit Road in Macpherson area.

This project aims to learn more about the residents, with the eventual goal to provide needed services and assistance to the community in MacPherson.

There will be three rounds of surveys conducted between September to November 2022. At least 50 volunteers are needed for each round.

Round 1 – 20th to 25th September 2022
Round 2* – 4th to 9th October 2022 (TBC)
Round 3* – 11th to 16th October 2022 (TBC)

*Rounds 2 and 3 will be confirmed after the completion of Round 1.

All volunteers will need to attend one briefing session on either 9th or 10th September 2022. More details will be provided upon registration.

Volunteers will receive:
1. A $10 grab voucher per day session completed, and $5 grab voucher per night session completed
2. Welfare pack
3. (Upon request) A letter with total number of hours volunteered for programme

Scan the QR above for more details or head to this link to sign up!