Innoweek Kindness Gallery Tour with the Little Ones


In conjunction with MOE’s Innoweek, Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) collaborated with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences, in particular, the Early Childhood Education course. Year 1 students from this course volunteered at the gallery tour which was held from 26th to 30th March.

That week, SKM was thrilled to welcome a total of 550 children and 36 teachers to be a part of our team to reinforce the importance of kindness in our precious little ones. It is important that we instil in our young children the necessity of being a kind individual so that we can guide them away from the trap of paramount, which may be prevalent in our kindergarten children.

A gallery tour, along with a story-telling session was conducted. The children were also encouraged to design a ‘Thank You’ card for their parents or loved ones in an art and craft session. The children were zealous and eager to learn about Singa and the kindness cubbies  and through the animation series, they were able to identify issues and correct them!

The week may have drawn to an end, but the spirit to spread kindness continues on. Let’s work together to make someone’s day and most importantly, be that ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ in the eyes of our little ones to model!

This article was first published in Singapore Kindness Movement

Project Uplift

project: uplift

Ever wondered how long it takes to brighten someone’s day?

A group of students from the University of Buffalo decided to test this by handing out helium balloons inked with messages of Kindness.

Project Uplift was held on Monday, 26 March 2012, at Raffles Place Park. The students definitely chased away the Monday blues when they surprised passersby with 600 bright yellow and white balloons. To encourage bashful adults to pick up a balloon and spread kindness, the students even did a “battle of the sexes” scoreboard. Each time a passerby picked up a balloon and wrote a kind note for a random stranger, a point is added to the scoreboard. Curious to know which gender won the battle? You can visit the team’s Facebook page to find out!

Indeed, there is always time to make someone’s day. All you need to do is slow down and give a small encouragement to someone.

Project Uplift was supported by National Parks, SIM-UB Professor Stephanie Pollack and funded by SKM’s Seed Kindness Fund.

This article was first published in Singapore Kindness Movement

Woman shaves head to raise funds for Spay Day

Ms Cheryl Cheah had her head of long, straight hair shaved by a pet groomer on Sunday to raise funds for the Cat Welfare Society’s (CWS) two Spay Days this year, on which community cats are sterilised, with CWS bearing full costs.

The CWS, which started the annual Spay Day in 2006, is having two of such days for the first time this year – one on May 25 and another in October.

As horrifying as shaving may sound for some, the 27-year-old was a picture of calm throughout – having decided to do so way back in February, inspired by a friend volunteering at SPCA in Kota Kinabalu having shaved his head to raise funds for a cat shelter.

‘I personally feel this shave is nothing compared to volunteers who are on site 24/7. They are the unsung heroes,’ Ms Cheah, who owns two cats herself, said.

This article was first published in The Straits Times 

Volunteer for Co-opaliciouz 2012

Hey Volunteers!

Join us for our first Mass Volunteer Event for the year!

Partnering Industrial & Services Co-operative Society Ltd and Singapore National Co-operative Federation, we will be requiring a total of nearly 300 volunteers!


This event is in celebration of the International Year of the Co-operatives and

volunteers are required to be part of this year’s event as ambassadors, supporting various segments. There will be TWO Singapore Book of Records Breaking attempts. Play a crucial role in executing this achievement with over 15,000 people!


There are 3 different activities for this event that you may sign up for:


  1. Pre-activity event, Goodie bag Packing

2nd June Saturday, 10am – 5pm @ ITE College East

Click HERE for more details



  1. Actual event, Co-opaliciouz Ambassadors

Singapore Book of Records

Mass Chorus Reading

Mass Original Song & Dance Movement

9th June Saturday, 3pm – 9pm @ Marina Barrage

Click HERE for more details



  1. Actual event, Event Crew

9th June Saturday, 2.30pm – 8pm @ Indoor Stadium

Click HERE for more details


Hope to see all of you there! Do invite your friends to sign up as well!