Number of grassroots leaders on the rise

More people are volunteering their services to the community.

The People’s Association said the number of grassroots leaders hit 32,000 in December 2011, an increase of 16 per cent compared to five years ago.

More from the minority groups are also stepping up to the challenge, with a 12 per cent increase in Malay grassroots leaders and 26 per cent for Indians.

The PA added that the number of new citizens and PRs has also increased by about 10 per cent in the past couple of years.

This is an encouraging sign and puts Singapore on track to achieving its Community 2015 Vision.

The PA’s vision for the community aims to develop Singapore as a great home and a caring community – a place where residents would feel a strong sense of belonging and pride, and where neighbours know one another, and care for each other.

Yam Ah Mee, Chief Executive Director of the People’s Association, said: “Many have to manage their time between work, family and their other commitments. I’m just touched that despite the challenges, many have also come forward as they believe it’s important to serve others in the community.

“They believe there are things they can do to reach out to fellow Singaporeans in their community and despite the challenges, they put in time and effort to be grassroots leaders to serve their neighbours and friends.”

In a bid to give recognition to grassroots leaders for their contributions to society, the PA Awards ceremony will be held this Saturday.

This article was first published in CNA