Project Uplift

project: uplift

Ever wondered how long it takes to brighten someone’s day?

A group of students from the University of Buffalo decided to test this by handing out helium balloons inked with messages of Kindness.

Project Uplift was held on Monday, 26 March 2012, at Raffles Place Park. The students definitely chased away the Monday blues when they surprised passersby with 600 bright yellow and white balloons. To encourage bashful adults to pick up a balloon and spread kindness, the students even did a “battle of the sexes” scoreboard. Each time a passerby picked up a balloon and wrote a kind note for a random stranger, a point is added to the scoreboard. Curious to know which gender won the battle? You can visit the team’s Facebook page to find out!

Indeed, there is always time to make someone’s day. All you need to do is slow down and give a small encouragement to someone.

Project Uplift was supported by National Parks, SIM-UB Professor Stephanie Pollack and funded by SKM’s Seed Kindness Fund.

This article was first published in Singapore Kindness Movement