Be a Volunteer of Willing Hearts!

Dear readers,

We thank you for your interest in Willing Hearts.

Willing Hearts continues to be a volunteer based, non-profit organization and the bulk of our Soup Kitchen operation is now consolidated at on the grounds of HighPoint Community Services
Association at Block 1 Lorong 23 Geylang Road. Our main activity is the provision of daily meals
to an average of 2,500 people daily through more than 25 distribution centers in various parts of Singapore. In order for the needy to benefit from our efforts, a pool of dedicated and committed
active volunteers will be required.

At this juncture, our main areas of need are as follows:-

1. Main Kitchen

We need volunteers to help in the cooking, preparation of food as well as cleaning up of the kitchen.
No experience is required. Cooks are not required to follow recipes from any cookbooks.
Creativity and spontaneity is required as ingredients and the final dishes are largely dependent on
the type of food donations of the day. If you are not strong enough to cook large quantities of food,
you can help in food preparation like cutting of vegetables and fruits. It is very therapeutic as it enhances motor skills and is especially beneficial for the older volunteers. We also need a pool of volunteers to help in the washing area, mainly to wash vegetables as well as used trays.

After the day’s cooking is done, volunteers are needed to clean up the kitchen before it is closed
at noon. We find this area to be in dire need of volunteers on most days.

2. Packing Stations

We generally do not have any shortage of packers to pack the cooked food into boxes. But if you
are still keen to help in this area, do note that a pair of strong legs and an equally strong back are
crucial as much standing is required.

3. Canvass

Willing Hearts relies heavily on donations from individuals, food companies and other charitable organizations. We do not have resources for any sustained publicity campaign to promote our
cause and services. Volunteers who have good network with the food industry can assist Willing
Hearts in this area of need. Criteria of volunteers There is no entry barrier to volunteer work, even kitchen work. As long as you have a loving heart and a pair of willing hands, you can qualify as
Willing Hearts volunteer!

For those who are interested to help at the main kitchen or the packing stations, please come
and visit us at the abovementioned address. The nearest MRT is Aljunied and it is a 5 minutes
walk from there. For those who drive, there is free parking within Highpoint’s compound.

The kitchen is opened daily (including Public Holiday) from as early as 6.00am and closed
around noon. You do not need to inform us in advance of your visit. We do not have a roster
for our volunteers so you have the flexibility of helping on the day and at a time to your

A picture paints a thousand words so do come and see for yourself. If you have any query,
you may contact Charles 9873 2288 or Tony at 9690 2086 but as they are very busy most of the time, we encourage you to just turn up at the soup kitchen and you will find them there.
They will be able to answer better to your queries in person.

To sign up as a volunteer, visit our website here