Put a Shine on your Car and A Smile on A Needy Dog!

Wash for A Cause! Come rain or shine, our strays out there are still trying to survive, and many may never find a place they can call home or experience the luxury of a bath. But you can give them a helping hand by giving a luxurious wash to your beloved vehicle (or bicycle!)

Using only professional, ultra high quality cleaning products from Sonax (F1 certified products) and lovingly hand washed, the enterprising group from Anderson Junior College have undergone professional training from Sonax to safely remove grime and bring out the shine on your beloved vehicle

Proceeds will go towards sterilization efforts to reduce the stray population and defray the hefty medical expenses to help the many sick and injured dogs that come to us for help.

For a price of $20, you will get a spanking clean and sparkling car, and an abundant goodie bag from Pet Lovers Centre (worth $30), and what’s more important you would have made a world of a difference to the plight of the strays out there.

To partake in this meaningful project, please send an email to info@asdsingapore.com with the heading “Wash for A Cause” with the following details:

Vehicle No:
Mode of Payment:

Please remit prior payment of $20 either by cheque or funds transfer.

By Cheque
Payee Name: Action For Singapore Dogs Society
ASD c/o Ricky Yeo
3 Jambol Place, Singapore 119330