Metta Charity Movie Screening 2012

The Metta Welfare Association will be launching the inaugural Metta Charity Movie Screening 2012 as part of their annual fundraising efforts.

By a renowned producer, this light-hearted animated feature movie promises to stretch the boundaries of your imagination.

Have you ever felt misunderstood or unfairly labelled as a baddie, but could not do anything about it?

Well, in any case, you will love this original tale that celebrates the…villain.
Could evil exist for a purpose?
Could the bad be…well, not so bad? Or awfully misunderstood?
After all, what does it take to have good triumph evil?
A bad guy?!

What are you waiting for? Wholesome seasonal joy is within reach.

Please download the reply form for ticket purchase at

For other enquiries, please contact Ms Pauline Cheong at 6580 4612, or email to