Share-a-Gift project targets some 30,000 beneficiaries

The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift project aims to give presents to a record number of 30,285 people.

The charity project, which is into its 25th year, hopes to rally more people to spread Christmas cheer to the needy.

The project invites members of the public to donate gifts and volunteer their time to deliver them to the needy.

Nine-year-old Rashyqah has never been to the zoo. Her father is the sole breadwinner, and to save money, the family rarely goes on outings.

But with help from the Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift project, she has received a gift of zoo tickets, and will be heading there with her family.

Gift requests are varied.

13-year-old Saraswati Nagaindharan has requested for a vacuum cleaner “so that I can help my mother with the household chores”.

80-year-old Madam Koo Sian Yin has asked for a comfortable chair “because my chair is spoilt. This new chair will help me sit more comfortably.”

The project, which aims to give more of such presents to the less fortunate, is one of Singapore’s largest and longest running charity projects.

Lui Chong Chee, chairman of Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift project, said: “Last time we used to collect gifts for 7,000 beneficiaries. Today, we have more than 30,000 beneficiaries. So we really need to engage more logistical support, more boys from the Boys’ Brigade, and get the public together to help out in the distribution and the giving.”

The public can make their contributions from now till 19 December 2012 at any of the project’s 14 gift boxes island-wide.

They can contribute general food and household items such as rice, oil, sugar and diapers.

Those wishing to fulfil specific wishes can adopt them from any of the three Wish Trees.

Members of the public can also help deliver the donated items on 8 and 15 December.

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Source: CNA