Stop littering by making it a H.A.B.I.T

The National Environment Agency (NEA) and North West Community Development Council (CDC) today jointly launched “Hold on And Bin IT, Make it A H.A.B.IT!” (H.A.B.IT) @ North West, in support of the Keep Singapore Clean Movement.

The initiative aims to educate the community to be socially responsible and to take ownership of the environment by holding on to one’s trash and binning it responsibly at the nearest available bin.

The programme will see 750 H.A.B.IT volunteers trained to champion responsible binning to residents in the North West District.

They will carry out monthly litter-picking exercises, conduct educational outreach and promote responsible binning in their respective divisions.

They will also conduct monthly themed activities in the North West District to instill a greater sense of environmental ownership and to remind individuals to play a more active role in keeping their estate clean and litter-free.

These include litter-picking exercises, litter patrols and No Cleaners Day to educate residents on the importance of not littering and to encourage them to bin responsibly.

Dr Teo Ho Pin, Mayor of North West District said, “We will need to cultivate a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards littering and it is through the collective participation of every individual will we achieve our goal in keeping Singapore clean and beautiful.”

Source: AsiaOne