Volunteer for One Week of Awesome 2013

We want to bring to 2013: Awesome Kindness. Awesome Change. Awesome Fun. Awesome Good.

We plan to pop up unexpectedly at various parts of Singapore to spread smiles, bring cheer, do some good, encourage kindness and make Singapore come together as one. Here’s where you come in (and if you’re keen to be part of the team leaders!).

If you are:
Committed (You need to be willing to meet up at least 1x a week or more closer to the event campaign)
Trustworthy (Cos all our plans need to be kept secret till the actual day!)
Fun & AWESOME (Very important!)

We want you. We would like to invite YOU to be part of our committee to help plan, organise, prep and carry out ONE WEEK OF AWESOME 2013. Please FILL OUT THE FORM and we’ll arrange a time and date for everyone to meet together and start brainstorming/working on ideas! Let the awesome-ness begin!

To find out more and to register, please click here

Photo credited to: One Week Of Awesome’s Facebook Album